About Us

If you're going to put your life on display, be sure it's beautifully framed. We ensure your treasures will last for years.

We are now entering our 14th year in business. And we thank all our customers for their wonderful support in helping us grow this business into what it is now.

My name is Claudia Rizzi. My education and professional background is quite diversified. I come from a family of professional painters, musicians, singers and crafters. My grandfather was a wood carver and my father is a goldsmith and jeweler.

I hold a Bachelor's Degree in Marketing and Advertising Design and a Diploma in Interior Design. I've worked as a Marketing and Public Relations assistant for SAIT and the YWCA in Calgary. I also taught Advertising Design for the Journalism Program at SAIT. I've worked as a professional actress for the local film industry and have performed as a dancer in several venues within the province and BC.

I began picture framing for the love of art and design. I was able to work for a major picture framing retailer in the city, where I learned hands on the art of professional framing. Since then I've taken several workshops in a variety of mounting and framing techniques and my last diploma was on interior design.

Meet our Team

Claudia Rizzi

Owner Operator
Senior Framer


Interior Decorator
Stained Glass Artist

What makes My Frame Shoppe framing different

Sometimes our customers wonder how it is that a small shop can build outstanding picture frames. The answer is that our staff has been on the decor industry for 30+ years and is constantly being trained on the latest framing methods. There are so many ways to present your art but only a few ways to do it right. This is why we always focus on the small details to bring the best out of your framing project.

For us there is not such as a small project, every project goes through the same process.

Our Process


Our first step is to take into consideration budget, piece value and level of conservation. This way we define the best option to frame your piece.


In this step, we select the most favorable colors and styles that match your piece and enhance your decoration.


We use the highest quality hardware and our heart goes with every piece we fit together.